Workshops and Resources

Hopefully you have been able to enjoy the nicer weather and longer days.

The following new HV RBERN workshops have been scheduled. Please click on the links below to view more details and to register:

Questioning and Discussion Techniques for ELLs (and All Students) AM SESSION
5/24/19, 8:30 AM–11:30 AM, Rockland BOCES

Questioning and Discussion Techniques for ELLs (and All Students) PM SESSION
5/24/19, 12:00 PM–2:30 PM, Rockland BOCES

NYS Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan—What Educators of ELLs Need to Know
6/18/19, 9:00 AM–12:00 PM, Rockland BOCES

The following workshops still have seats available:

Strategies for Teaching Assistants Who Support ELLs (1/2 DAY in AM)
4/26/19, 8:30 AM–11:30 AM

Part 154 Overview and Walkthrough Tools
5/9/19, 4:00 PM–7:00 PM, Rockland BOCES

To view all of the HV RBERN's current workshops in MLP, please click here.  

Partner Events


4/30/19, 3:00 PM–5:00 PM

This month's webinar will discuss:

  • Understanding literacy as a set of social practices, rather than skills

  • Disciplinary aspects of academic literacy: genre and register

  • The role of reading in academic writing

  • Strategies for supporting academic literacy

Click here to register.

From New York Capital Area Languages (NYCAL) Test Consortium:
The NYCAL consortium will hold all Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B exams on the "traditional" exam LOTE day, Monday, June 24th. The Checkpoint A exams will be held in the morning and the Checkpoint B exams will be held in the afternoon.

New York Capital Area Languages (NYCAL) Test Consortium is a group of language teachers and administrators from around New York State who sought to fill the void that was created when New York State-developed Regents and Proficiency Exams were discontinued. The consortium began as a small group of schools from the Capital Region and has grown to over 35 participating schools. All participants contribute to the annual creation of the Checkpoint A and B exams for French, German, and Spanish.

For more information on NYCAL, visit their website here.



The Multilingual Literacy SIFE Screener (MLS) is a free resource designed to support districts and schools in the identification of Students with Inconsistent/Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE). Visit the website here for more information about MLS. Effective April 22, 2019, new changes have been made to the MLS website, For more information, please see the MLS Quicksheet and User Manual. Please contact User Services for help at

The Multilingual Learner/English Language Learner Graduation Rate Improvement and Dropout Prevention Planning Tool was released, which provides research-informed effective practices and strategies, protocols, and templates for use by districts and schools as they dive into MLL/ELL data. It's designed to jump start a district’s or school’s study, reflection, and planning to improve policies, programs, and instructional practices geared toward improvement in MLL/ELL graduation rates. In addition, the planning tool includes embedded links to helpful resources