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[HVRBERN-CTLE #23120] Incorporating Vocabulary Routines for English Language Learners in Grades 3-8 - at ONC BOCES

  • ONC BOCES, Instructional Support Services Center, Unit #3 7352 New York 23 Oneonta, NY, 13820 United States (map)

This workshop combines direct and indirect instructional practices that have been identified in research as effective for building student vocabulary in any content area. Participants will understand why vocabulary development is critical to student success and learn how to identify the academic vocabulary needed for success in the subject area and select words from the content for direct instruction. Educators will develop instructional routines to teach word learning strategies. In the classroom, students will benefit from a consistent approach to vocabulary lessons as part of instructional activities that foster listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. Teachers will be able to choose key academic vocabulary for direct instruction from their content area to incorporate into an explicit vocabulary routine, and also focus on word learning strategies (context clues, root words and affixes, dictionary use and cognate awareness). 

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